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11th of december. I'm pretty much aware that there are people out there who loathe me, so I'm not about to deny that fact. But still, if you insist on proceeding, do kindly remember that much as you dislike me or what, this is still my blog, my ranting place. So you can very well shoo off. :D

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Date: 2 Feb. 2009
Time: 4:22 pm

with this,i bid farewell to the blogging world..i think its very scary! people actually know things about you through blogs..GOODBYE! (:

Love lots,
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Date: 31 Jan. 2009
Time: 1:59 pm
and it hurts to love you..

IM VERY UPSET..i miss you already..nights with you were awesome! stress is back cos you left and leaving me in some place i never like..SIGH!

Love lots,
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Date: 27 Jan. 2009
Time: 7:16 pm
without you;i cant function no more..

GONG HEI FATT CHOI. have a good one this year,guys!

Love lots,
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Date: 24 Jan. 2009
Time: 7:41 pm
and forever i'll be your lover..

i wanted to post about the whole flood thing at my place and all..but due to theres no internet connection for the past few days,the whole flooding thing is like boring already..its in the newspaper and all. so yeh,its quite boring already! anyways,i got my nails and hair done. (: hehe..met JJCS today in saloon..and a few more! ohhh;i polished and cleaned my teeth already..no more stain or anything. (: so happy! and i did my xray already..hopefully i can get my braces up by next month..but im abit scared tho..the pain and all. urghh! im all ready for CNY! i cant wait for CNY. hopefully it'll be a good one. i dnt really like staying home and facing people i dont really like. i mean like if u already DONT like that particular someone and that person still disturbs or annoy you,what will you do? its either you slap that person or scold that someone right? i dont know how i tahan but to keep quiet and act like nothing lor!

haii. rele damn annoying! ok,enough with the rants..anyhoos,im going back to my grandma's place tomoro for 'tuan nian fan' correct ka? haha.. something like that la! (: i spent so much money this month..im officially broke! need angpau babeh! haha..i might go for mission trip this year again! (: im excited for it. go back to lawas and all. cool cool. help out and all..i think its really nice to help out in lawas..hee! alrights,i got nothing to blog about..when i got alot to blog about,no internet! BUT thanks to my reader,who has been keeping this blog alive. =D hee..

love lots,
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Date: 20 Jan. 2009
Time: 3:14 am
go back in time;nothing really matters..

the weather is killing me..i hate the weather lately! i cant go out. ): but i did went for my dentist appointment this morning. (: got to see my doctor. he's very friendly and nicee..he told me i need to do some filling and cleaning. and after that,i could get my braces on fast! and guess what? i dont have to be in the waiting list. he said my case is not those big one;jst a small one and GOOD NEWS,i dont have to remove any teeth at all! =D but im still abit afraid of braces,i mean the pain. i have another appointment this friday for some cleaning. cost around $75 just for cleaning. and today's checkup cost $50! i think its damn expensive lor but mummy said its okay..cos she find the doctor there more professional. (; hee.

and ohh;those people that i did not link,please leave a tag and ask me to link you guys yeah?cos i've lost them..i've put up a tagboard bcos some ppl cant leave a comment cos they dont have account and all. quite troublesome and they start complaining. ;p so yeh,i've decided to put up a thin and long cbox! hahaha..to fit my blogskin bah! CNY is nearrr;im EXCITED! i bought my baju's alreadyy..and i just cant wait! i hope it'll be a good one this yearr. -crosses fingerr- alrights,im off to watch style by jury. =D and ohh,i've put up my hits counter! to see how many visitors i have. (: hee. im off. xoxo!

Love lots,
ChengSuekLang. (:
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Date: 19 Jan. 2009
Time: 3:45 am
this is crazy..

this is driving me nuts;im finally done with the whole blogskin! i accidentally save an empty skin and everything went blank! i lost my links,my everything! i've been working this new skin for like the past 4 hrs..im suppose to go to bed like 2 hrs ago but i cant just leave it like that. by the time im done with it,its like 3ish..yes;its crazy! well,i just wanted to change my skin..new year,new skin! haha..i noe its kinda latee already. coming feb then want to change. i must say today is my new day,a BRAND new day. (: its bcos i'll no longer lie to myself about my feelings and all..yes,i broke up with hafiz yesterday. i told him that we're better off as friends. perhaps i finally understand what does LOVE means..

LOVE is not jealous - so do not cut yourself off bcos your taken up exclusively with 1 person.
LOVE is not proud - so do not use a boyfriend as a fashion accesory that everyone thinks you look great.
LOVE is no ill-mannered - so do not backbite the other person.
LOVE is not selfish - so treat relationships a way to give pleasure not getting pleasure.

i was reading thru some notes i've wrote..those are what i learnt from my church. i finally get to understand what is the meaning of love! the reason i always wanted a bf was to make me look good or feel good that i have a bf. yes;silly thought! well,at least its not too late to realise it now. (: im glad i made that decision. i felt so much better after i told him how i felt and all..afterall,letting him go was the right thing and im glad we're still friends. (;

its late and i better head to bed..i got dentist appointment later on at 10.30! braces,braces,braces;i lovee! (; BTW,im too lazy to put up a tagboard,so do leave me comments yeh? its not too hard right? hee..alrights,im off to bed. Nights!

Love lots, chengsueklang (:
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Date: 14 Jan. 2009
Time: 6:35 pm
catch up time..

i had a great catch up time with this girl yesterday..we were both craving for the same food so we went and had it! (: haha..eventho it was raining heavily,she said 'lets not break the craving thing' hahaha..i really miss you! looking back at all the pictures really does bring back the memories of what we've been thru as sisters! until today,i still do blame myself and you noe it! ur the only one that understand why im avoiding so many things in life..i know life is not easy but like what u said, you have my back and i have yours! thanks for everything. (: catch up soon again? cant wait to see whats next! hee..excited for that little one! imma see you soon. xoxo!

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH THIEN! (: be a good girl yeh? big girl already..cannot always emo also okay? hehe..continue to be who you are except the emo part lar. hee! have a blast mei. remember im always here for you.

Yours Truly, SHARON.
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